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Absolute Bliss.


                                                      A workshop experience to bring out the best in YOU                                                              

(on enrollment you will be sent a Dosha, or personal constitution Quiz, as well as a suggested materials shopping list with ingredients for delicious smoothie, oils for self-massage, hair and Ayurvedic cleansing herbs.)


We will begin by briefly looking at Doshas, what they are made of how they show up (physically and emotionally) and go to measures to prevent them from going out of balance. Each Dosha reacts to food and routine differently so it is super helpful to know how to recognise your own warning signs before they cause havoc!

After this we will take refreshment and make a simple electrolyte boosting smoothie (if you have a blender).

Then we will enjoy a simple guided Asana and breathing practice to open the body and balance energy. Followed by 5 guided fully supported restorative poses (no yoga experience necessary).

We will conclude with a guided Self massage and a 20-minute, deep relaxation Yoga Nidra practice.

You will be left with tips for the night. An oil treatment for luxurious hair and herbal formula to detox the body while you sleep.




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I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 30 years. I study under Rod Stryker of the Himalayan tradition, Judith Lasater, Cyndi Lee and John Immel of Joyful Belly, and am an ERYT 500  and Yoga Alliance Registered yoga School for Teacher Trainings and continued education credits. My areas of specialization include  Ayurvedic Yoga, Ayurvedic Digestion and Nutrition, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.



I strive to offer insight to physical strength, alignment, meditation practices, relaxation techniques, food and the science of holistic balance for self-healing. I lead group and private classes as well as offer Ayurvedic consultations and cleanes to optimize wellbeing and digestive health.


Retreat is an integral aspect of my offerings, daily asana, time with meditation and Yoga Nidra whether it is a 20 minute practice on your mat or a beautiful encounter and immersion in nature. Experience is what we are here for.














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