Andrea Karahalios Yoga and Ayurveda Digest, assimilate, empower.
Andrea Karahalios Yoga and AyurvedaDigest, assimilate, empower.


The art of Ayurveda

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Introduction to Ayurveda.

Introduction to Ayurveda Teacher Training module.

Introduction to the six stages of digestion and the six tastes.

Allergies and Ayurveda.

What you eat matters... Changing diet for changing seasons.

Agni and Ama; digstive fire and toxicity.

Fall Cleanse.

Spring Cleanse





Spring Cleanse

March 12th to 23rd

with Ayurvedic massage treatments by Carol Sa Jamault


Corpo Yoga Miami



Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat

with Corpo yoga and 

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Costa Rica

July  21st to 28th 2018


Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion

with Corpo

A 2 month comprehensive Yoga and Ayurvedic intensive.

Spring 2019



Introduction to Yoga for Beginners

cotaught with Christine Gagen


Om Movement


Coconut Grove

Miami 33133



4 week series  










Om Movement

2895 McFarlane Rd

Coconut Grove

Miami 33133




Corpo Yoga Miami

9030 SW 72nd Ct

Downtown Dadeland

Miami 33156





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