Andrea Karahalios Yoga and Ayurveda Digest, assimilate, empower.
Andrea Karahalios Yoga and AyurvedaDigest, assimilate, empower.


The art of Ayurveda

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Introduction to Ayurveda.

Introduction to Ayurveda Teacher Training module.

Introduction to the six stages of digestion and the six tastes.

Allergies and Ayurveda.

What you eat matters... Changing diet for changing seasons.

Agni and Ama; digstive fire and toxicity.

Fall Cleanse.

Spring Cleanse







Corpo Yoga Miami




Spring Cleanse                      $485

March 12th to 23rd


Our annual 10 day cleanse with Ayurvedic massage treatments by Carol Sa Jamault

Includes cleanse kit, consultation, Abyangha Massage , recipes and  day support.




Remote cleanse US  with group    $365

includes Cleanse Kit, Consultation, recipes and 7 day support.


Remote cleanse overseas             $300




Cleanse Reteat         $1670


Mutiny on The Bay  Hotel

Coconut Grove 



Includes  water front Accomodation, cleanse kit, consultation, Abyangha Massage, Shirodara, recipes and 7 day support..









Ayurvedic Yoga Retreat


Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Nosara Beach

Costa Rica

July  21st to 28th 2018







with Andrea Karahalios


Where: Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Costa Rica, Nosara


When: July 21-28 (7 Days, 6 Nights)







Nosara is located in the beautiful province of Guanacaste in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Nicoya is considered one of the Blue Zones areas where cultures have evolved to prolong the longevity of human life. 

A water source enriched with calcium and magnesium, diets composed of naturally harvested foods, and a strong sense of community are a few of the secrets residents of Nicoya follow to live a pure, happy and long life.

Nosara is known as one of the most sophisticated beach towns in Costa Rica, this small but special town has a lot to offer. Travelers from all over the world enjoy the pristine beaches that surround it. Its residents have a huge passion for the protection of the national parks system which makes it unique in its expansive anchorage of protected forest.



To retreat in an environment like this true and rare disconnect experience. It is in itself an emersion in pristine vibrant nature, in a completely safe and stunning environment.


Andrea will be leading a week long Ayurvedic Yoga experience, incorporating daily morning asana and meditation, evening restorative practices and personal consultations.

The practices are designed to lead you through layers of therapeutic release. It is an experience that will also teach you techniques of Ayurveda, the balancing of nature, into your own life for self-care through daily routine (dinacharya), food, herbs and bodywork cleansing treatments. Yoga is an Ayurvedic discipline and when it is experienced as part of a greater practice under the guidance of a teacher in a beautiful safe and peaceful environment where all our needs are supported, it is a truly transformational experience.







Morning practice will consist of asana, pranayama and meditation. Each class will explore a specific focus of awareness and skills to access aspects of ourselves that have little chance to surface in our regular routines and distracted lives. We will move and play with shifting perceptions of ourselves and our potential. The days are structured so there is plenty of time to enjoy the variety of activities or simply retreat to the pool, beach or beautiful living spaces. The spa offers massage services including Ayurvedic treatments that can be booked in addition to our offerings. Evening practice will consist of a combination of stretching, restorative and guided relaxation.

For those travelling with a friend or family member who does not wish to practice with us, the town and beach are close by. Bodhi resort will be happy to arrange additional activities such as surfing, quad tours, hiking and horseback riding on the beach



The resort facilities include our own private Yoga Shala, a 25 meter salt water lap pool, juice bar, first class dining, full-service Spa, pilates and fully equipped gym, on site surfing lessons, spectacular sunsets, jungle and ocean views. Local amenities include pristine beaches, horseback riding, stand up paddle board tours, waterfall hikes, ATV adventures, wildlife explorations, bike riding, surfing, to name a few. 


The intimate cafe features fresh, local ingredients with traditional flavors. Bodhi Tree can accommodate most dietary considerations.





7 Days/6 Nights Prices Per Person:

King or Queen Bed Bungalows (up to 2 people): $3,025 single, $2,316 double

Queen Bed + Twin Bed Bungalow (up to 3 people): $2,017

Single Room with Single Bed, Shared Bathroom: $2,196

Double Room with 2 Single Beds, Shared Bathroom: $1,982

Triple Room with 3 Single Beds, Shared Bathroom: $1,769


Prices include: 13% Costa Rica Taxes, the Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat Classes and Consultations with Andrea Karahalios, private Yoga Shala for our group, 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).


Not included:

Shuttle services from Liberia International Airport to Bodhi Tree Resort (1 to 4 people $150 one way, 5 or more people $40 one way). Distance from the airport to the hotel is 2 and 1/2 hours. 

Payment Terms:

March 1st: $850 deposit per person (registration & room selection)

May 1st: 50% of total balance


July 1st: 100% of remaining balance

All payments will be charged with credit card on file. Payments are non-refundable. No credits will be issued. Rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis. If you have a large group or family, please let us know.

For any questions contact Cybele Chamas at or call (305) 670-2010.





200 Hour Teacher Training


August to December 

At Corpo Yoga Miami





 Fall Cleanse 


September 28, 29,30th

Intro 24yth to 27th

reimmersion 1st to 3rd October








Pelagic Safari Yoga Retreat



Prana Del Mar Yoga Resort

Cabo San Lucas


February 9th to 16th 2019


Yoga, Freediving and Whale Watching in the height of Humpback Whale season hosted by Prana Del Mar, a beachfront yoga facility in the desert of the Southern Baja Penninsula.



Pelagic Safari Yoga Retreat

Cabo San Lucas

February 9th to 16th 2019



We have 1 room remaining!

Hosted By Andrea Karahalios

Corpo Yoga Miami

Prana Del Mar Yoga Retreat




We are excited to offer a totally unique opportunity to combine a guided daily yoga practice, morning asana, breathing techniques, meditation and restorative rejuvenation sessions with an unforgettable immersion with raw and untamed nature and animal sightings as well as, if we are lucky enough… underwater encounters. Each excursion will be led by knowledgeable professionals with the upmost respect for their environment.






Our day will start with morning asana, followed by breakfast.

On two days there are scheduled morning and sunset whale watching from the boat trips and on two days we will divide the group for The Safari, a 10 am to 5pm day on the water … and in the water where professional dive masters will attract different Pelagic species for close viewing. This is the height of the Humpback Whale season, so their presence has been predictable at this time of year. We do not peruse the whales but as we are in their environment, their appearance is probable… As our hosts Pelagic Safaris would say… ‘Expect the unexpected..’




The afternoons will include restorative and guided relaxation practices.

There will be a full day off for everyone as well as leisure time when the group is divided for excursions. Additional activities are available for the more adventurous, such as kayak, horse riding on the beach, or even a day trip to La Paz to swim with Whale Sharks and Sea Lions. These a la carte tours can be arranged with Prana del Mar and their host Rancho Tours.





Or simply relax, at the pool and enjoy doing nothing.

Or the beach.

Doing nothing.

Or the Spa…



We provide 3 healthful meals a day and cater to vegetarian and gluten free dietary choices.

Seafood will be available.

Those who choose to stay in Cabo after a trip on the water are welcome to enjoy the vacation town for their own meal plans.




We are offering double occupancy rooms which are comfortable for anyone sharing and also have king beds available for couples.

The total package includes accommodation, daily yoga, two 2 hour whale watching excursions, 1 full day Pelagic Safari adventure

Please contact Corpo Yoga 305-670-2010 for reservations 








Our Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Andrea Karahalios has been diving since she was 18 years old. With over 3000 logged dives she held recreational and technical teaching certifications from 6 international Diving Agencies. Andrea has led dive expeditions brining clients into encounters with numerous pelagic species.

Interaction with nature and animals on this scale and in this environment is a truly perspective changing experience. The expanse of the ocean, playfulness of wildlife, the pure efficiency of seeing these beautiful creatures maneuver is stunning and infectious. The sound of the marine mammals make vibrating in the water travel through you. Even just hearing the whales under the water is a truly magical experience that can change you and stay with you forever.


Tune in to your Nature.






300 Hour Advanced TT 

1 year program

January 2019






Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion


March to April 2019

A  comprehensive Yoga and Ayurvedic intensive.



100 hour Ayurvedic Immersion





A comprehensive and experiential immersion using Ayurvedic principles in the way we live today in the Western world. 

This 100 hour program will be divided into 4 modules designed to deconstruct the ancient wisdoms attuned to laws of nature and its medicinal application into accessible and applicable practices that we can use in our busy contemporary society.

Ayurveda essentially shows us how to connect with nature, see its rhythms and use its qualities for wellbeing and healing. Contrary to popular belief, Ayurveda isn’t all about living a squeaky clean and perfect life, it is about being well. Its premise is that we are here for experience, all experience. In fact one of the fundamental practices of Ayurveda is learning to step away from ideas of good and bad and instead see actions in terms of their energetic effects, and if those actions push us out of balance we have the tools to choose what we can do to counteract that so that we don’t become unwell.

So often I come across people who feel that Ayurveda is too complex to access but this guided 4 module platform will create clear categories designed to give you enough experiential exercises and material to successfully integrate true understanding into practices that will benefit anyone, whether you are a yoga teacher looking to add depth and accredited hours to your teaching skills, or nature lover interested in enhancing your own life and ability to look and feel your best in your best health for the rest of your life.


Module 1

Theory and Practice

Krya meditation

Elements meditation


Samkya Philosophy 

Gunas and Doshas 

Disease model


Sympathetic / parasympathetic nervous systems. restorative practice


Go over books



Module 2

Meditation Friday night with pranayama Toma.


Agni and Ama

Ojas and Tejas

Shift from winter to spring


Herbs part 1 Aromatic and digestive.. your spice cabinet.. shopping, storing, growing,

Spring Cleanse






Module 3

Joytish Astrology


Srotas Dhatus .. channels and tissues

Restorative class


Treatments Abyangha, Shirodhara, Steam, Bhasti, self massage.

Making herb infused oils.



Module 4

Anatomy  / Clinical


The Tongue.

6 stages of Digestion 6 tastes  / organs.


Energetics of Asana and Pranayama.


Herbs part 2 


Formulas for insomnia, anxiety, constipation, skin irritations.

Clinical analysis and basic consultation for teachers.




Corpo Yoga Miami

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