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I wanted to take a quick minute to let you know how amazing this Ayurveda Spring cleanse has been for me and, to thank you for all of your support and guidance. 


As I mentioned in our consultation, I'd never done a cleanse at all and didn't know what to expect but was open minded about what it may provide. My goals were to just try it out and see what felt right for me. My bucket list goals were clearer skin, a healthier diet and digestive system and a feeling of freedom by letting old, unhealthy patterns go. I also wanted to get a sense of community with my fellow cleansers and have the group support. 


What I got went above and beyond all of that. I cooked lentils, golden beets, eggplant and brown rice for the first time in my life and loved it so much that still, a month later, I am still eating them daily and make the kitchari once a week. It was my first time using a Neti Pot as well! 


You got me out of my comfort zone and taught me about nutrition, self care and what my Pitta constitution is all about. Tumeric is my new best friend.  I am still doing the daily rituals of oil massage, teas and meditation and I feel lighter, more clear minded and my skin is glowing! I have been complimented on my eyes sparkling and looking like I was glowing as if I was in love! And I am, I am loving myself!


By taking the time away from external stimulants and focusing my thoughts inward, I was able to discover and release some emotions and memories that I'd not been conscious I was still holding on to. In fact, I was specifically holding on to those items in my gut. During a meditation I discovered it was blocking my ability to listen to my intuition and it was time to let it go so that I could hear the wisdom my gut had for me. 


Soon after the cleanse ended, an old used book on intuition came into my life (Practical Intuition in Love by Laura Day) which has been transformative for me. I truly feel like if I had not cleared that space through the cleanse, I would not have had the insights and realizations that have come to me this Spring. I feel at peace and comforted by the fact that I now have so many new tools in my toolbox to help me through life's journey. 


I recommend this cleanse to anyone that is looking for some answers, even if you don't know what the questions are - trust that you will get exactly what it is that you need. Thank you for doing what you do and for sharing your light with us.


With deep appreciation,  

M. M.


I thoroughly enjoyed my consult with Andrea, who brings in a wealth of knowledge regarding ayurvedic practices. While I thought I had been doing the "right thing" in my dietary choices, I realized after our meeting that I was actually aggravating my discomfort based on the combination and timing of the foods I was eating. Since the consult, I've happily experienced a reduction in the symptoms I've experienced chronically, including bloating and indigestion. I'm so grateful for her patience and ability to relay her information to me in a way that made sense and allowed me to make practical changes. I will surely consult with her in the future to continue to inform my understanding.







Thank you! I have been thinking of you all day with immense gratitude.  You were not kidding- one day of modifications, and I am vastly improved. I am astounded by the magic and am passionate about learning more. 


I can't wait for my herbs and to have another session to enhance my healing.  Btw- the spices are delicious! I am so relieved and happy. 







"It has been a wonderful experience being a student of Andrea's for the last several years. A consummate professional, she has not only helped me expand my awareness and practice as a gifted yoga teacher, but has also demonstrated great caring, knowledge and talent as an Ayurvedic practitioner and healer. I highly recommend working with her".


C. Delphus.






"I continue to be amazed by the simplicity of logic in the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Thank you for making that ubderstanding so clear."


Mary Ann Connors.






I was very lucky to find Andrea and receive her yoga instruction. She has ben very meaningful in my practice, helping me to go deeper into my poses and enjoying each exercise more. She always has a perfect class for that specific moment and each class is just what you need. She is the best teacher that I have had, I love her classes. Thank you Andrea.

C. Albaran.






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