Shirodhara is the most popular of the Ayurvedic treatments, a subtle yet profound therapy. It is traditionally used as part of the Pancha Karma Cleanse as well as a stand-alone treatment. Its profound benefits have made it highly sought after in Western Spas. It calms the nervous system, alleviates anxiety, expands awareness, aids sleep and relieves headaches.


It supports the healthy circulation of prana and blood to nourish the brain. This furthermore improves memory; it nourishes hair and the scalp preventing hair loss as well as dryness.


On a deeper and more profound level, it energetically stimulates the pineal gland to secrete hormones that calm the nervous system and induce a deeper sense of relaxation and sleep. Shirodhara has been a remarkable therapy in the treatment of neurological disorders but is now becoming one of the most effective treatments for reducing stress and nervous tension in this modern-day lifestyle.


The treatment comprises of warm herb infused oils poured in a continuous and steady stream over the center of the forehead for 30 minutes. The oil coats the crown of the head and streams trough the hair. The treatment entire lasts 60 minutes and the client should wear clothes that are easily washed and bring a towel to wrap the hair.


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